Planned Projects and Additional Goals

The following nine developmental challenges were identified to be addressed in phases, starting with felt-needs, with the goal of holistic development that considers the spiritual, physical, and environmental needs of the Arya Jawi community:

 (1) problems surrounding child education, 
(2) health problems affecting women and children, 
(3) poverty, 
(4) environmental degradation, 
(5) declining agricultural production in the face of increasing land scarcity, 
(6) low status of women and unequal division of labor, 
(7) high population growth rates, 
(8) issues revolving around child rearing practices, and 
(9) transportation problems related to access to the Addis Ababa-Nekemte road. 

The committee’s vision is to help create a holistically developed and prosperous community taking good care of its human and environmental resources based on Christian principles and meeting environmental challenges. The primary mission is to build capacity and enable the Arya Jawi community to become holistically developed and self-reliant and to reduce poverty or
eliminate it if possible. These goals are to be achieved by raising awareness levels of the community, conducting various capacity building activities, and mobilizing both human and material resources based on the principles of holistic development, self-help, and self-reliance.

Specific goals include:

- Building a church
- Building residential quarters for the pastor 
- Start a Sunday School program
- Reforestation
- Water wells and pumps
- Digging latrines
- Nutrition education
- Planting coffee trees
- Planting fruit trees

Additional goals 

To introduce the Buraka descendants to one another and create stronger ties between them.

1To honor, and pay tribute to Buraka the father of the Arya Jawi nation.
2To deepen and cherish family bonds and genealogical roots among        descendants by inculcating the same in future generations especially among those in diaspora.
3To conduct research into the preservation of cultural traditions of Oromos living in Arya Jawi and its environs and to keep the descendants, especially the young generation, informed and knowledgeable about their cultural roots.
4   To plan and implement community development activities including            schools and health facilities, early childhood development, water supply,             environmental rehabilitation, nutrition education, sanitation, credit schemes, etc. with the objective of improving the living conditions of inhabitants.
5   To create a  cultural center and a museum entrusted with the task of                  cultural revival, renewal, and the development of local talent in  music, art,             story-telling, etc. as well as space for cultural exchange where community            members can put on, and enjoy shows and exhibits. 
6   To provide scholarships for outstanding students.
7   To carry out activities on ad hoc basis in line with the aims and objectives of the          Foundation which is in all respects developmental and apolitical.


All Buraka descendants and spouses, as well as those related by marriage, who subscribe to the objective of this Foundation shall be members.


6.1General Assembly

6.1.1All Buraka descendants and their spouses shall constitute the general                   assembly.
6.1.2The general assembly shall make all policy decisions and receive reports              from the Executive Committee.
6.1.3The General meeting shall elect an Executive Committee of seven                           members and appoint auditors.
6.1.4Members who cannot attend general meetings due to physical distance                can express their views by whatever media at their disposal, or by proxy.
6.1.5The general meeting may delegate to the Executive Committee powers to               carry out the functions of the Foundation.
6.1.6The General Assembly shall meet annually for the transaction of the                    foundation’s business.

6.2Executive Committee

6.2.1The executive committee shall have seven members elected by he general              meeting.
6.2.2The executive committee shall carry out, with integrity and 
             accountability, all of the functions of the Foundation based on the                        mandate given to it by general meeting.
6.2.3It shall appoint sub-committees for specific activities of the foundation.
6.2.4It shall meet at least once a month to attend to the business of the                          Foundation.
6.2.5It shall report to the general meeting  on its financial and developmental              activities.
6.2.6It shall recruit coordinators of the program of the foundation.
6.2.7It shall keep good records on activities of the foundation including a list               of the membership
6.2.8It shall establish ground rules and facilitate division of labor among                    members.


6.3.1The sub-committees established by the Executive Committee shall carry              out activities such as advocacy, fund raising, etc. which shall advance                  the causes of the Foundation.
6.3.2The sub-committees shall conduct regular communication and submit                 reports to the Executive Committees  on their activities.

Article 7.   Founding Members

The founding members whose names and signatures are found below will serve as Steering Committee until the Executive Committee is elected to take over the management of the Foundation.


The foundation has been established for an indefinite period of time.

Article   9.      MEMBERSHIP FEES

All members upon registration shall pay  USD _____ or its equivalent in Birr.

Article   10.    CONTRIBUTIONS

10.1 Each member shall make a monthly contribution of UDS ______ or its                 equivalent in Birr.
10.2Members who live abroad are encouraged to contribute generously in                   addition to their regular contributions.
10.3All payments will be made against valid receipts.
10.4All contributions/ donations shall be deposited in a bank account                          opened in the name of the Foundation.
10.5The foundations accounts shall be audited once a year. The report shall              be shared with members.

Article   12.     TRANSITION

12.1The Founding members shall be in charge of the management of the                    Foundation’s affairs until a duly elected Executive Committee is put in                place.
12.2The founding members shall appoint two persons of integrity to operate              the finances of the Foundation until an official account is opened.

Article   13.     ELECTIONS 

Elections of the Executive Committee members shall be every two years.

Article   14.      AMENDMENT

The constitution may be amended where three-fourths of the members attending the general meeting vote in favor of amendment.