Elders First: Adugna Jekon and Kebebew Daka
Members of a visiting delegation refueling in Nekemt. Left to right - George Wolde, Sister Yeshi Kasu, Gash Kebebew, Fikru Regassa and Tsegaab Kebebew. 

Frontal View of the Church built by the Foundation.
The need for further work is obvious. We need your assistance .
Arya Jawi - its land and people. Have you ever been to Arya Jawi, or visited the countryside as a child or adult?  If these picures  evoke fond memories of your childhood, you owe it to the photographers George Wolde and Aynalem. Show your appreciation by helping the people and the land.
Ato Geleta Daka and his beloved wife have provided plenty including Anchote, Kochkocha, Badu, and fresh milk to Addis Ababa folks who have used their home as a "refuling station" during their trips to Nekemt and back
Ato Kebebew and Sister Yeshi Kasu both talking to members of the  family (both residents of Arya Jawi.) while Tsegaab Kebebew gazed into the horizon taking note of the beauty of the land that raised his father and nurtured several generations of the Buraka family tree
,,,,,more of the same; and the cow is looking on
Among the youngest and oldest members of the Buraka family
Children of Ariya Jawi
Scenes from Arya Jawi Church Service
Sunday school in session